Just what you wanted.

You just wanted to jot down an idea.

But first the app has to sync… and load… and you have to find the right button.

There’s one for collaboration, one for managing your account, a button for sharing, one for handwriting recognition, a button for something to do with artificial intelligence...

AntimagicNotes is a notes app focused on taking notes and being able to find them when you need them again.

We mind our business. We don’t collect data and we don’t advertise. We comply with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA because we never store your data in the first place.

We don’t look for problems. AntimagicNotes is an entirely native application using no third-party components and made exclusively for Apple platforms using their latest technologies.

It’s a notes app, not the bloatware you've been made to accept. We don’t build in functionality like converting the format of notes because that’s a one-time task! But, of course, this isn’t a problem because we use hypertext markup language, a file format that predates and has far wider support the formats used by most notes apps available today. And because your notes are stored as HTML, all you need to get your notes online is a host, like neocities.

We want you to remember us. No subscriptions and no in-app purchases. You know exactly what you’re paying and what you’re getting.

Just what you wanted?

AntimagicNotes is a better note-taking experience for macOS and iOS that does what you want and nothing more.

Coming Soon.